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Anonymous said: Hello

There is no better way to describe the internet, than an anonymous person saying hello. 


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just a word from you could save me,
but I guess that you can’t spare the letters.

"You meet your hero. You meet your heroes. You do shows with them. You realize they are people, that they haven’t figured it all out, that they are still moving forward. That makes you happy, to know they are real, and that makes you sad, to know that there isn’t an end point."

This realization, from Cameron Esposito about comedy, is applicable to everything really. No one’s ever done becoming, and it’s horrifying and relieving. 

Read the whole thing, it’s great. 

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"Unused creativity is not benign…" - Brene Brown [600x700]



"Unused creativity is not benign…" - Brene Brown [600x700]

ATWA is all there is

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sanicdaily said: How were you able to overcome the deep depression within your soul?


Various Tattoos of Peter Parker midway transformation into Spider-Man.